A young fawn male Boxer puppy called Briar.

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Zaracon Boxers, reg'd is pleased to introduce our litter between Whisper and Pablo. Both are health tested for hips, thyroid, degenerative myopathy, and heart (sub-aortic stenosis and cardiomyopathy / ARVC). Whisper comes from a litter of nine (four of which are Canadian champions, including one that has mutilple best puppy in speciality wins). Whisper is a Canadian Champion and this is her one and only litter. Pablo is an American Champion and he has two littermates that are also American Champions. He has sired litters in Canada and the United States, and currently has 6 champions in each country.

This litter is ABC Futurity nominated for 2015. Three male puppies were born: one seimi- flashy brindle, one flashy fawn male with no collar, and one flashy fawn male with a full collar. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find links to puppy pictures.

Whisper as a youngster.
Whisper aroung 3 months of age.
Whisper - as a youngster and also around 3 months of age (please see her web page for adult pictures)
Canadian Champion Zaracon's Word on the Street
Pablo as a youngster.
Pablo around 7 weeks of age.
Pablo - as a youngster and also at 7 weeks of age (please see his web page for adult pictures)
American Champion Storybook Page After Page

[ pedigree (PDF) of our 2014 litter ]

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