A cropped fawn female Boxer called Kenzie.

Welcome to the Zaracon Boxers, reg’d web site. We are located in the Canadian prairies where we raise purebred, registered Boxers in a home environment. Take a tour — enjoy — and find out information . . .

About Zaracon
Learn about us as Boxer breeders: who we are and why we do what we do.

About our Dogs
Learn about the dogs that we have bred and / or own(ed) past and present. This includes titles / awards, pedigrees, show wins, and pictures.

About our Puppies
Learn about the puppies we have available now or about our upcoming litters. This includes what you can expect from us as breeders and what we expect from you as owners.

About the Boxer
Learn all about the breed of the Boxer, including various tips on what it is like to live with one, train one, and groom one.

What's new on this site . . .

  • Whisper delivered her litter of three flashy male puppies (one brindle and two fawns).